Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Odds bobs

More light bits. I'll attempt to salvage my reputation as a serious blogger soon (what do you mean, I was never a serious blogger?!?). But here's a couple of quotes that had me chuckling away.

"...I hold Olympic records for procastination. I can procrastinate thinking about my procrastination problem. I can procrastinate dealing with my problem of procrastinating thinking about my procrastination problem."

-Robert McKee

(HT: Buzzard Blog)

On five occasions in history the Church has gone to the dogs, but on each occasion, it was the dogs who died.
- GK Chesterton

(HT: Custardy)

Q: What do you call a Pre-Trib eschatologist with a drug problem?

A: Hal Lindsey Lohan

(HT: Lars Walker - blame him not me!)

I'll see if I can blog a little footy and perhaps a little HP soon.

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