Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I was Predestined to post this

Posting continues to be light this week. I'm making a renewed push on my thesis, especially as it's the last and largest piece of academic work I'll be doing for the forseeable future. It helps that it has been interesting work, although trying to structure it is a huge pain!

Calvinism doesn't come up too much on this blog, although those of you who know me know that I am a Calvinist. Nevertheless, it's not a topic I've visited recently, until this past weekend when I ended up chatting with a hugely zealous Calvinist. I realised that I should once again think through why I'm one, and I was directed to reading Packer's famous essay, which I've always heard about but never read. So for those of you who wonder what I mean when I refer to myself as a Calvinist, here's a chance to educate yourselves. You don't have to agree of course, although I think you should! :)

Introduction to the Death of Death by J.I Packer. It's long, and written in the Packerian style (if you've read Knowing God you know what to expect), but very helpful, especially in dispelling some misconceptions. This was originally an introduction to a classic book by the Puritan John Owen, so you can ignore the bits when he specifically refers to Owen.

What we Believe about Calvinism by the staff of John Piper's church. Also helpful, a more systematic presentation.

Defining NeoCalvinism - bonus thrown in, as I have read tons of neo-Calvinists so am influenced by them as well.

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