Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Who am I behind closed doors?

This really hit home for me today in my quiet time:

...You may have heard these words (or some variation on them) quoted before: "What a man is in secret, in these private duties, that he is in the eyes of God and no more" [John Owen]...

...It is not my visible service so much as my hidden life of devotion that is the index of my spirituality. That is not to despise my public life, but to anchor its reality to the ocean bed of personal fellowship with God. I may speak or pray [ed's note: or blog!] with zeal and eloquence in public. I may appear to others to be master of myself when in company. But what happens when I close the door behind myself and only the Father sees me?

- Where God Looks First (p.159), In Christ Alone, Sinclair Ferguson

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